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"Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, community, and identity. We nourish all those thing when we eat well."

-Michael Pollan


Our Story

Proud to serve you!

Ever since Roy was adolescence, he had dreams of owning his own business. He started his first lawn mowing company at 12 years old called "Roy's lawnmowing." As he got older, he worked a few different jobs, but none that left him satisfied or made him feel content. In 2017, Roy and his family experienced the loss of their 6 month old son. After this incident, he realized that life is too short to settle and be unhappy, so he went for his dream of owning a restaurant in May of 2018, and has not looked back since.



I had the red velvet waffle, it was delicious! my friend had the stuffed waffles and the potatoes. Definitely get a side of the potatoes if you like Cajun spices.



Waffle That the 51st and Yale location upon walking in you are greeted with a smile and friendly customer service. The decor' is super cute and extremely clean. The music playing in the background gave it a nice feel. I took my daughter for lunch. It was our first time visiting and the waitress/manager Nisha was very accommodating. We received our food in a timely manner. No waiting whatsoever. The food was absolutely delicious. I will definitely be back and I may have just found my new breakfast, brunch or lunch spot. If you haven't visited Waffle That you don't know what you're missing. If you're visiting Tulsa I would most definitely suggest that you stop in at Waffle That. I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed. It's that good.



We've been to both locations, and the food, service, prices, everything is wonderful!! Staff answers questions and is very friendly, the waffles are light and delicious, and the chicken is off the charts!! But that Waffle That sauce?!? Next level amazing!!! We will be back soon and often!!


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